Out Of Ashes

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— Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. —

Whiskey Kate (Katy Grace), an independent Country and Blues artist based out of Colorado, USA, writes and performs songs of depth and grit born from a special kind of fire. Returning to music after a year's hiatus to heal, to learn and to grow, she's once again sharing with the world her music, her life, her soul.

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"The raucous power and raw emotion in Grace's blues-inflected voice fill an absolute void in contemporary country radio. When she sings "I walked the fire / I been to hell / wrestled the devil and freed myself," you simply can't doubt her sincerity."

Collin EstesColorado Springs Independent

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Love Me Broken

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" Her voice is what brings the crowds, with the soulful tone and lyrical depth giving the audience chills."

Andrea FuentesRiff Rag Magazine

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